During the holidays we get together with friends, we host or attend parties and, in general, we enjoy the merriment of the season. Memories are made, and hopefully, good times are had by all. It reminds me of the times when either myself or my partner limited our drinking, because we had to drive home afterward.


Let me be clear – I’m not advocating drinking, and I’m certainly not advocating drinking and driving. However, if you’re inclinded to drink, here’s a creative way to enjoy more drinks while being spontaneous.


There’s something to be said about traditions, such as exchanging gifts with your love on Christmas Eve. I’m all for creating your own traditions as a couple, in order to bring you closer together and to make the holidays a truly special time. This date idea can be a gift in itself, or you can have something on hand as an added surprise.


Prior to attending a party, arrange to have a horse and carriage waiting for you when you leave the party. Say nothing to your date about it, and keep refilling her drink all night. If she questions you about your drinking and how you’ll get home, find a way to brush it off, even if that means telling a little white lie to throw her off. The weather is a huge factor in this, so be sure to accomodate where necessary. If it’s cold, make sure there’s a blanket (maybe grab a warmer coat for her, gloves and a hat). A bottle of champagne or wine will help set the mood for a romantic ride home. If distance is an issue, research hotels nearby and spring for a night out.


If you happen to live in an area where neither of these ideas is an option, perhaps you have to “unexpectedly” work late one evening. This is especially effective if you have dinner planned, or something equally important. We all have to eat, right? Be courteous and call in advance so that she isn’t slaving away for nothing. Again, you will want to prepare in advance. Grab a blanket, wine and anything else that is needed to make sure she’s comfortable during the trip. Once you’re in the carriage, waiting outside of her house, call and give her a reason to leave. Suggest picking something up from the store, or tell her your car broke down. When she walks out the door, there you are!


Perhaps you live in an area where a horse and carriage aren’t an option. Sticking with the theme of the holidays, you could plan a walk. In keeping with the surprise, arrange something with the friends who are hosting the party. Make them aware that at some point during the evening, you’re going to steal your date away. Ask them to chill a bottle of white wine, or stage a blanket, the wine and a couple of glasses.


With any of these ideas, you can start things off with a note expressing your love – something sweet, simple and honest. For inspiration, I recommend checking out the website, This site is full of inspirational and heartfelt expressions of every kind of love.


The main goal of this idea (or any variations to it) is to surprise your love with a simple jesture at an unexpected time. “Steal” her time, and make this holiday a truly special occasion.



The holidays bring about strong emotions often wrought with romance-especially knowing that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As I stated previously, there are few gifts to give or few dates on which to go that hasn’t been done at least a thousand times before. What sets things apart is presentation and adding your own touch to what you’re doing. This week’s idea is based on the assumption that you’ve acquired knowledge about your woman. The idea itself can be used to give a Christmas gift, a marriage proposal or even simply to ask for exclusivity in the relationship.

The venue should be private, be it a hotel room or someone’s home, because you’re goin to make a bit of a mess. Since it is that time of year, we’ll start with giving a Christmas gift. Regardless of what the gift itself is, you’re going to need balloons, scissors, a pen and a sheet of paper. Wrap your gift as you normally would, but instead of placing it under the tree, you’re going to hide it. At the tree, you’re going to place a balloon with a note inside giving a clue to the location of the next balloon. Repeat as many times as necessary to lead her to her gift. How many hints is entirely up to you.

An alternate idea is to go ahead and place the gift under the tree, wrapped as usual. Instead of a scavenger hunt, tape any number of balloons to the outside of the gift with hints inside each balloon. This can be extremely effective when the gift you are giving is completely unexpected. Sit back and watch her child-like joy in popping the balloon while trying to guess what it is you’ve gotten her.

If you’re going to use this idea to propose (exclusivity or marriage), inside each balloon can be a promise, reasons why you love her or anything that is exclusive to your relationship. The number of balloons used can be determined by any number of factors. You could have a balloon for each month or year you’ve been together. It could be a humorous number (101) that might be commonly used or associated with something unrelated to your relationship. If the particular celebration is her birthday, the number of balloons could correlate to her age.

Be careful about the birthday thing. If she’s sensitive about her age, I’d suggest staying away from an equivalent number of balloons to her age.

One final bit of food for thought; throw a wrench into her plans. For me, there are few things in a relationship that brings as much satisfaction as the look of utter surprise on the face of the woman I love. One example is to do something for her on YOUR birthday. Regardless of your objective, the message you send will be, “on my day of celebration, I want to show how much I value that you’re here to celebrate with me!”


Good luck in your continued courtship and I’ll see you next week!



I received an overwhelming response to my last post, so I’m going to continue the theme of getting to know your partner. As I’ve mentioned, there’s no end to the number of variations that we can create in order for our partners to share information about themselves.  However, I feel I should include a disclaimer about a particular subject just so you’re aware. When asking about previous relationships, PLEASE USE TACT, and make sure that you really want to know the answers.

Our previous session had us running in circles in an effort to plan thoroughly, and impress our date with our wit, creativity and organizational skills. This week, we’ll slow down a bit and make things a little easier on ourselves. You can stay home, or walk to the park or a coffee shop.  Go anywhere that won’t create a lot of distractions; a place that is quiet so that you can hear one another. (GASP!) Yes gentlemen, you have to hear her in order to be able to listen.  More importantly, you need to remember what she says. Use this valuable information in subsequent dates, and it will make a great impression. It will also limit the number of doors you have to open, if you choose to stay at home!

Grab a board game from the shelf, and if you don’t have one, go out and spend the $20 or so and buy a new one.  If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own game board with your own theme. All you need is a game board, two game pieces, a dice (or die) and a list. You now have the necessary parts to create a magical evening full of laughter, memories and an education.

There are a number of websites that will provide questions for partners to ask one another. Some websites break the questions into categories, which is helpful in this case. I suggest limiting the number of categories between six and ten in order to keep things manageable.  You don’t want too many questions, but you need enough questions to last until the end of the game. The number of questions in each category is determined by the number of die you elect to use. Assign the categories to the spaces on your board. When it’s time to play, the number rolled will not only determine the number of spaces to move, but it will also determine the question to be asked in that category.

One of the great things about this idea is that it can be played over and over again without repetition. It also allows you and your date to sit and communicate with one another. Communication is key in every relationship. Most fail because of a lack of communication or miss-communication. Listen to the tone of her voice when she answers the questions. Watch her body language and facial expressions. Above all else, HAVE FUN!

Good luck with your continued courtship, and I’ll see you next week.