I received an overwhelming response to my last post, so I’m going to continue the theme of getting to know your partner. As I’ve mentioned, there’s no end to the number of variations that we can create in order for our partners to share information about themselves.  However, I feel I should include a disclaimer about a particular subject just so you’re aware. When asking about previous relationships, PLEASE USE TACT, and make sure that you really want to know the answers.

Our previous session had us running in circles in an effort to plan thoroughly, and impress our date with our wit, creativity and organizational skills. This week, we’ll slow down a bit and make things a little easier on ourselves. You can stay home, or walk to the park or a coffee shop.  Go anywhere that won’t create a lot of distractions; a place that is quiet so that you can hear one another. (GASP!) Yes gentlemen, you have to hear her in order to be able to listen.  More importantly, you need to remember what she says. Use this valuable information in subsequent dates, and it will make a great impression. It will also limit the number of doors you have to open, if you choose to stay at home!

Grab a board game from the shelf, and if you don’t have one, go out and spend the $20 or so and buy a new one.  If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own game board with your own theme. All you need is a game board, two game pieces, a dice (or die) and a list. You now have the necessary parts to create a magical evening full of laughter, memories and an education.

There are a number of websites that will provide questions for partners to ask one another. Some websites break the questions into categories, which is helpful in this case. I suggest limiting the number of categories between six and ten in order to keep things manageable.  You don’t want too many questions, but you need enough questions to last until the end of the game. The number of questions in each category is determined by the number of die you elect to use. Assign the categories to the spaces on your board. When it’s time to play, the number rolled will not only determine the number of spaces to move, but it will also determine the question to be asked in that category.

One of the great things about this idea is that it can be played over and over again without repetition. It also allows you and your date to sit and communicate with one another. Communication is key in every relationship. Most fail because of a lack of communication or miss-communication. Listen to the tone of her voice when she answers the questions. Watch her body language and facial expressions. Above all else, HAVE FUN!

Good luck with your continued courtship, and I’ll see you next week.


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