The holidays bring about strong emotions often wrought with romance-especially knowing that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As I stated previously, there are few gifts to give or few dates on which to go that hasn’t been done at least a thousand times before. What sets things apart is presentation and adding your own touch to what you’re doing. This week’s idea is based on the assumption that you’ve acquired knowledge about your woman. The idea itself can be used to give a Christmas gift, a marriage proposal or even simply to ask for exclusivity in the relationship.

The venue should be private, be it a hotel room or someone’s home, because you’re goin to make a bit of a mess. Since it is that time of year, we’ll start with giving a Christmas gift. Regardless of what the gift itself is, you’re going to need balloons, scissors, a pen and a sheet of paper. Wrap your gift as you normally would, but instead of placing it under the tree, you’re going to hide it. At the tree, you’re going to place a balloon with a note inside giving a clue to the location of the next balloon. Repeat as many times as necessary to lead her to her gift. How many hints is entirely up to you.

An alternate idea is to go ahead and place the gift under the tree, wrapped as usual. Instead of a scavenger hunt, tape any number of balloons to the outside of the gift with hints inside each balloon. This can be extremely effective when the gift you are giving is completely unexpected. Sit back and watch her child-like joy in popping the balloon while trying to guess what it is you’ve gotten her.

If you’re going to use this idea to propose (exclusivity or marriage), inside each balloon can be a promise, reasons why you love her or anything that is exclusive to your relationship. The number of balloons used can be determined by any number of factors. You could have a balloon for each month or year you’ve been together. It could be a humorous number (101) that might be commonly used or associated with something unrelated to your relationship. If the particular celebration is her birthday, the number of balloons could correlate to her age.

Be careful about the birthday thing. If she’s sensitive about her age, I’d suggest staying away from an equivalent number of balloons to her age.

One final bit of food for thought; throw a wrench into her plans. For me, there are few things in a relationship that brings as much satisfaction as the look of utter surprise on the face of the woman I love. One example is to do something for her on YOUR birthday. Regardless of your objective, the message you send will be, “on my day of celebration, I want to show how much I value that you’re here to celebrate with me!”


Good luck in your continued courtship and I’ll see you next week!



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